1): Termination: Hosting that runs out but isnt renewed within 7 days of its expiration date will be totally stopped. In this situation, deleted data cannot be recovered, and the client will be notified via phone or mail.
In the event that a client is unable to read their mail or receive a call regarding a renewal, Go Hosting India disclaims all liability.

On our servers, the following material is prohibited: (No Refund Possible If We Found Following Content In Website)

Updated On July 15, 2021

  1. 1): Avoid Offering Free Hosting (For Reseller Users)
  2. 2):High Traffic News Website Prohibited
  3. 3): Website with threats
  4. 4): Fraudulent Website
  5. 5): Email Marketing
  6. 6): IRC Bots and Scripts
  7. 7): Anonymizers and proxy scripts
  8. 8): Warez/Pirate Software
  9. 9): Scripts for Image Hosting (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic)
  10. 10): A sizable library of MP3 files and/or ISO files for DVDs and CDs

Programs for Prime Banks
Lottery websites

  1. 14) Fraudulent Websites, Warez/Pirate/Illegal Content Forums, and/or Websites (Including, but not limited to sites listed at aa419.org & escrow-fraud.com)

Adult Website (Porn Sites)
Push-button mail scripts (16)

  1. 17): Mining Bitcoin
  2. 18): Programs/sites/archives geared for hackers Streaming of commercial audio (more than one or two streams) Every shared hosting package is used to host websites. We do not permit hosting of websites that offer downloads of mp3 files, wallpaper, movies, or bots on our servers. Our server team will suspend or terminate all such websites without prior warning, and no refunds will be given.

2): Balance of a Fund or Credit:
After adding money to Go Hosting India's wallet, there was no refund (Credit Balance).

2. Money put into the wallet of Go Hosting India is not refundable.

Registration of Domains
After registration, a domain cannot be changed or refunded.

It is the client's obligation to confirm whether or not the domain registration was successful. In terrible situations, the domain registration may not go through owing to a software or network fault or for any other unidentified technical reasons. Within 7 working days, the client must contact Go Hosting India if there is a problem with the domain registration. To report an issue and receive a response from the support staff, the client should send an email to support@gohostingindia.in.

Go Hosting India disclaims all responsibility for the loss of any domain that was unable to register as a result of incorrect or incomplete information given to us, delayed payment receipt, or unavoidable technical issues.

Reactivation Fee (#5)
If your server is shut down because of malware, phishing, or illegal content, there is a Rs. 3000 INR reactivation cost. Do not ask for a rebate because there won't be one on this.

6): Adult Content Policy: Nudity and other forms of adult content are not permitted. Spam is not tolerated in any kind.

1. We have a strict policy against sending spam, unsolicited email, and bulk emailing. We will consider "safe lists" and "double opt-in" to be spam. Spam-sending users will have their accounts closed, with or without warning. Refunds won't be provided.

Sending bulk emails is not permitted on our server; each cPanel account is limited to 100 mails. Only for shared and reseller hosting, any accounts that appear to be spamming will be suspended with or without warning.

3. It Will Suspend Today If Your Due Date Is Today.

We don't provide backup after the designated period and we don't grant extra time.

WHMCS: We Provide Free (License) WHMCS With All Reseller And Master Reseller Plans (With Key, Not Verify, Only Install)

8): Malicious and virus-infected content files are not permitted. If we find a lot of viruses, we'll suspend your account for one to three days; occasionally, this will result in account termination.

Policy on Resource Usage
Hosting India Go Each Cpanel Will Include

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